What is Combine Bidet Toilet?

combined bidet toilets

It is widely used around the world and becoming very popular in the Europe. 80 million people in Turkey alone use this bidet toilet as standard. If you have been to Turkey, you probably used one of these bidet toilets and enjoyed the comfort.  Also in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Eastern countries use electronic type of these bidet toilets.  But as you expect, they are extremely expensive compare to our models.

It is standard toilet with a hole inside the rim area where the bidet nozzle is located. It fits as normal toilet and the bidet nozzle is connected to water feed. You need an On/Off tap to control the nozzle and the tap can be located wherever is more convenient for the user on the wall. You can also get a thermostatic valve to enjoy warm water.

Combined Bidet ToiletCombined Bidet Toilet

Features & Benefits

  • Space saver;  Houses are getting smaller, especially in cities it is extremely difficult and costly to find a decent size bathrooms. Our bidet toilet comes to your help; as it combines bidet and toilet in one, it saves a lot of space in a bathroom or possibly in a cloakroom.  You will have a luxury of bidet in your toilet without compromising from space. 
  • Environmental friendly; as you will be using less toilet paper, it will be helping to save millions of tree every year 
  • Healthier; It is scientifically proved that using water rather than toilet paper prevents genital illnesses.
  • Comfortable; It is convenient to wash after use, you’ll be feeling much more fresher and cleaner. Specially during the winter you can enjoy warm water in your bidet toilet when you purchase one of our thermostatic valve. 
  • Economical; it is much cheaper to buy compare to Japanese versions. Also you will be saving on the toilet paper cost. 
  • Modern design, it comes in many types and models so you don’t have to compromise from your design. Here the models which you can find in our store